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Back-up and disaster recovery solutions can be neglected when a company builds and develops its business strategy, with time and money often focused on solutions to drive productivity and collaboration. And for some, back-up and disaster recovery (DR) are merely buzzwords, minefields of expensive software, complex definitions and difficult implementation.

But due to the recent surge in COVID-19-related cyberattacks, there is now a major need to implement strong back-up and DR solutions to keep your organisation and valuable data fully protected. As one of our client’s Head of Infrastructure said: “While back-ups and Disaster Recovery are not very exciting, they are the most important things. If you don’t get them right it doesn’t matter what else you do all day long.” – Ash Bailey, Fidelis.

Our BCDR services are ideal
for businesses that need to:

Reduce downtime to minimize financial loses

Make sure their data is secure and well protected

Keep users connected to their applications/services

Managed BCDR: 24/7 availability with world-class support

With a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution based on Microsoft Azure, you can:

Minimize your downtime to minutes: The best-case scenario is, of course, for none of your business data files or systems to be infiltrated in any way. But we don’t live in a perfect world, so data backup and disaster recovery must be built into networks and systems from the outset. If something goes wrong, as it often does, then you need to be certain that you will only be inconvenienced temporarily and not permanently handicapped.

Quick and easy accessibility: As well as having a back-up system that is secure, you also need to ensure that it can be accessed easily as soon as you need it. Using a cloud-based data backup solution means that your data is as protected as it is easy to access. Another benefit of adopting cloud-based technology is that ii can be accessed from anywhere and by all employees required to get everything back up and running again.

Get peace of mind: By choosing a solution with our world-class 24/7 support you can rest assured that you’re business is up and running despite any natural disasters or hacker attacks.

And is all backed up by expert service and support from Meritum Cloud.

Meritum Cloud:
A lean partner with high impact

Meritum Cloud is an experienced Microsoft partner with a modern approach
to managed services, and multiple Microsoft Gold competencies.

We help our customers:

Simplify security and compliance with industry regulations

Get results fast, with minimal fuss or complexity

Receive a world-class service at competitive rates

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