Fantastic Power BI event!

The final stop of our Business Intelligence roadshow.

On the 29th of November we have hosted our last event this year.

We met with 15 delegates in Birmingham’s Novotel Hotel to talk about Microsoft Power BI.

This was the second ‘Microsoft Power BI for SMBs’ workshop we hosted this year.

‘Converting information into profit’ event in London

Just two weeks earlier we were in London showing how Business Intelligence can turn information into profit to a crowd of almost 30 people!

That’s the second time we had to bring in more chairs

During the London event on 15th of November we have almost run out of the room. The turnout exceeded our expectations and we had to bring in additional chairs to accomodate everyone. Birmingham was no different and we were caught by suprise yet again when the room was full and new guests kept arriving.

This just shows that there’s a growing requirement for Business Intelligence solutions in the small and business market and we have the means to fulfill that need.

How we work

Shaun Ritchie, Meritum’s CTO started the presentation with a brief overview of Microsoft Cloud offering and services we provide to our customers. The main part was delivered by our Business Intelligence partner EBIS – Effective Business Intelligence Solutions.

A good demo is key

Pawel Ciesla, Managing Partner at EBIS, introduced Power BI to those of our delegates who had no prior experience with the solution. Then it was time for the live demos, something we knew would make a great impression on our audience. We learned this during the London Power BI event, when almost everyone rated the event 5/5 and indicated the live demos as the most important part of the presentation.

Mateusz Bazan, EBIS’s CEO, demonstrated how to work with dashboards and then moved to show the customer retention report and the famous ‘Million Dollar report’.

Lunch discussion

The final part of the presentation was devoted to Power BI governance and licensing. The event ended with a  Q&A’s session that continued over the lunch.

We were lucky to have such a great audience and it was our pleasure to answer even the most challenging questions.

Thank you all for coming!

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