“Meritum Cloud and their team are very open, industrious and trustworthy . As soon as they had ourrequirements our IT team were confident that theywould deliver what we needed.”

Fiona Russell, Finance Director


The Elton John AIDS Foundation


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Organization Size:

300 employees


United Kingdom

Meritum Cloud consolidates financial reporting for Elton John AIDS Foundation

Elton John AIDS Foundation operates in a complex environment involving multiple charitable entities, beneficiaries, partners, currencies, and statutory obligations as a grant-giving organization. Therefore, it is vital that its financial data is accurate, timely, and actionable.
Here, the Foundation’s Finance Director Fiona Russell describes Meritum Cloud’s role in making financial information more accessible and visible within the organisation.

The Challenge

The problem was the so-called bottleneck in the finance department. The EJAF had a solid financial system, but it had some shortcomings in reporting. They needed more insightful financial information. Their challenge was to improve spending accountability across the organisation.

The Solution

“Meritum Cloud has designed an executive reporting dashboard within Power BI, so our next step is to implement the data engine to populate that."
“As well as our financial system, we will ultimately be overlaying Power BI reporting functionality on our grant system and CRM platform also, so we will be consolidating information across three different data sources.”

Key Benefits

IT costs reduced by ca.30%

Latest operating system and applications

Advanced IT solution with no infrastructure investment

Reduced loss in revenue due to downtime

Highly performant and secure productivity platform

Improved employee productivity and collaboration

Predictable, affordable pay-as-you-go pricing

Technology supporting ‘flexible working’ culture