“When deciding on the project, we wanted access to innovative tools, from improving e-mail to creating modern workplaces. However, this project has a broader perspective. We are an innovation leader and we cannot remain indifferent to such megatrends as hyper-automation and digital transformation. These processes are not only reserved for big players anymore, but every company has to face them. "

Damian Sicha- IT Manager


Sunreef Yachts




Production of luxury custom yachts

Organization Size:

400+ employee



Meritum Cloud supports Sunreef Yachts in digital transformation

Sunreef Yachts is a world leader in the design and construction of luxury catamarans, which are a combination of innovation, unique design, and comfort of use. In its activities, the company focuses on personalization and building a positive customer experience. Being a leader in innovation and striving to maintain this position, Sunreef Yachts is constantly looking for modern methods to increase the efficiency of operational and sales processes.

The Challenge

The dynamic development of the company and the variety of IT systems used have become an impulse for changes, including:

  • modernization of IT infrastructure
  • unification of applied solutions
  • automation of processes that were previously performed manually

The scale of changes needed as well as limited experience in such projects prompted Sunreef Yachts to benefit from the support of a professional technological partner. Following the recommendation obtained, Meritum Cloud was chosen.

The Solution

PoC aimed to familiarize a selected group of 15 employees representing various departments with the possibilities of the M365 package. Why start with a pilot?

Following the extensive experience and taking into account: the scale of the project, geographic dispersion, variety of needs, Meritum Cloud recommended a pilot as the most effective way for SunReef Yachts to see if it was worth implementing the M365 package on a larger scale. The PoC phase has been completed successfully. Representatives of the test group appreciated the benefits of the M365 package in their daily work, and the management of Sunreef Yachts agreed on the implementation on a Group scale. The pilot participants became ambassadors of changes in the organization.

The migration process is ongoing.
Meritum Cloud experts support it with their knowledge and experience. Moreover, the PoC has become the starting point for cooperation in other IT initiatives as well.

Key benefits

Better communication inside & outside the company

Creating an environment for remote work

Enabling file sharing (between employees & clients)

Better comfort of using everyday work tools

Higher security of users, data, and infrastructure

Higher efficiency of work

Cost optimization of It

Technology supporting work form any device