“It’s a dream that we can just forget about our DR and know that it’s being handled. Everyone at Fidelis is 100% happy with what Meritum have delivered. They are invaluable.”

Ash Bailey, Head of Infrastructure




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300 employees


United Kingdom

Meritum give Fidelis peace of mind with Cloud BCDR service

In 2015 Fidelis Insurance was the second largest insurance start-up in the City. Since then it has grown exponentially, taking on 30 new members of staff during the coronavirus lock-down period alone.

While I liked what they were saying I wanted to give Meritum an opportunity to demonstrate their technical ability. We invited them to carry out a survey of our DR system and Azure environment and tell us what we needed to fix. The list they put together was shockingly large and to a level of detail that I didn’t even know existed.

The Challenge

After a Disaster Recovery test didn’t go to plan and adversely affected our production environment, we realized that we needed the support of a knowledgeable and capable DR partner.

We couldn’t risk putting our business in jeopardy any further and given our experience the general sentiment about our DR system was rock-bottom.

While back-ups and DR are not very exciting, they are the most important things. If you don’t get them right it doesn’t matter what else you do all day long.

The Solution

The substantial remediation work was necessary before we could get into proper Disaster Recovery testing.

Meritum’s thorough approach introduced more robust back-ups of the virtualized machines in Azure and 24/7 monitoring and support of system performance.

Meritum have set up all the correct processes, procedures, SLAs, and escalation protocols required and has provided us with the Pager Duty tools that trig-ger alert emails, texts, and phone calls when there is a problem.

We now receive reports on Alerts and Recovery Time and Point Objectives as part of the monthly service review.

Once the on-boarding work completed we began to plan for a full Disaster Recovery test. Since it’s our preference to carry out testing in a production environment we chose the quietest time of the year to do it, which is August.

Key Benefits

IT costs reduced by ca.30%

Latest operating system and applications

Advanced IT solution with no infrastructure investment

Reduced loss in revenue due to downtime

Highly performant and secure productivity platform

Improved employee productivity and collaboration

Predictable, affordable pay-as-you-go pricing

Technology supporting ‘flexible working’ culture