Why we attend E2EVC Conference

E2EVC is a Virtualisation, EUC, and Cloud Computing conference where the sessions are run by experts and delivered to experts, hence the name, Experts to Experts Virtualization Conference. I think it is best independent conference to attend in Europe, and now internationally.

If you you want to stay up to date with what is happening in the industry, hear some of the most interesting presentations, network with the greatest minds in this space, and have a lot of fun I believe that this is the place to be.

I have been going to E2EVC since 2011 and have presented there a few times, to varying degrees of success. Everyone at E2EVC is friendly and good natured so, if things go wrong no one is going to give you a hard time.

I presented at E2EVC in Rome in 2013 and fell foul of the demo gods and some strange network issues. Jim Moyle volunteered to take place of the “clicker” for me to progress my slides as this was also not working. I later discovered it wasn’t working due to the fact, I had not plugged in the USB dongle!


So if you want to cut your teeth at presenting then E2EVC is the place to do it. If you don’t, well that’s fine, just sit back and enjoy the great sessions.

Alex Cooper, the event’s founder, is always on-hand to keep everyone under control, and “adjust” the schedule when annoying people (like me) want their session moved.

The ticket prices for E2EVC are extremely reasonable, if you catch the early egg! price it will only set you back €250 for three days of sessions, a site seeing tour, and often airport transfers in the infamous E2EVC “shuttle” bus. The conference takes place 4 times a year and is always in a different location so you get to visit a new city with each one you attend.

There is a real passion for the community at E2EVC; I think each person is their to share their knowledge with people who want to learn and to learn from people who want to share their knowledge.

I love the presentations at E2EVC but as much as this I like catching up with people I now count as good friends.

Hope to see you there in Rome in November!


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